Teachers have an important role in children’s lives. Teachers not only support a child’s education by providing information, but they are also responsible for creating an environment that is conducive to learning. For children and youth, feeling safe, respected, and welcomed are key factors in whether they are going to be able to thrive and enjoy their schooling experience.

There has been progress made in creating safe and caring schools through policies that protect students against discrimination in areas such as gender, sexual orientation, and race. However, one area that we still need more work on is protecting students against body-based harassment. Currently, one of the main reasons students are bullied is based on their weight or size. We need to help students respect body diversity and to understand that it is not acceptable to bully someone based on these criteria.

Below are the resources to help create a school environment where everybody feels safe and respected.

Grade 2 Percy Pinhorn Guide

Grade 2 Language Arts Guide: Percy Pinhorn

Grade 2 Social Studies Guide: Percy Pinhorn

Grade 2 Science Guide: Percy Pinhorn

Grade 2 Math Guide: Percy Pinhorn

Percy Pinhorn Buddy Reading Activity

Shapes & Sizes Activity

Outside & Inside Activity

Families in the Media Activity

Blue Galoo Privilege Activity