Health Not Weight

A “Health, Not Weight Advisory Collaborative” has been formed to unite research, policy, and practice related to promoting consistent health messaging without causing unintended harm by focusing on weight/weight loss. The group consists of leaders in the province that have established partnerships with national experts, policy makers, and practitioners.

Goals of the Collaborative:

  1. To align policy, practice and research to advance evidence-based strategies to address weight related concerns in NL.
  2. To reduce silos between obesity reduction and eating disorder prevention to ensure a  coordinated approach in health promotion in NL.
  3. To implement a ‘health not weight’ approach in health research, practice, promotion, and policy in NL.

Collaborative members:

  • Health Promotion, Eastern Health
  • Centre for Nursing Studies
  • Janeway Lifestyle Program
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine
  • Body Diversity Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Health Innovation through Promotion & Practice Collaborative, Human Kinetics and Recreation (MUN)


  • Developing Thinking about Your Weight, What about Your Health?—a NL Provincial Government health promotion information booklet for use by the public.
  • Leading a “promoting health, not weight” initiative in the Health Promotion Division and Public Health Nursing Division (Eastern Health) targeting Public Health Nurses. This work is in collaboration with researchers at Memorial University to collaboratively develop, implement and evaluate this initiative.
  • Developing Janeway Lifestyle Program’s Health Behaviour Matters toolkit—a necessary tool that helps primary care practitioners to discuss healthy behaviour with all children without negatively focusing on weight. It also contains a document on how to discuss weight with parents without causing sigma. 
  • Supporting and promoting the Body Diversity NL’s Grade 2 and 4 toolkit
  • Creating the EveryBODY Matters Collaborative with the Canadian Obesity Network.
  • Development of the HIPP Collaborative (Health Innovation through Promotion and Practice)
  • The group is facilitating a workshop as part of the National Health and Physical Education Conference on May 4 2017 called Promoting Health Through Body Positive Inclusive Policies and Practices in Education and Healthcare Settings (see attached poster)